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I was walking through Frankston with two of my good magician-friends, Fraters Moss and Koslov, when we got talking about magic and how one is to learn magic. There are plenty of ‘training manuals’ to the occult world - Condensed Chaos, Modern Magick, Inner Temple of Witchcraft, Golden Dawn, etc, being the best among them.

Each of these guides has a fundamental problem (some would say strength): that is, they train you in a full tradition. If you follow Regardie’s The Golden Dawn faithfully you’ll become adept in Golden Dawn ceremonial magic, for example. Condensed Chaos is more like a guide then a tradition-manual, but suffers from similar issues.

The great thing about magical practice these days is that while the older paths are definitely important to study, many of us have the freedom and creativity to craft our own. This is the core of Chaos Magic.

There is one training manual that is different, however. It is structured enough to guide one through becoming a full magician while also being highly general and useful on its own merits - the awfully titled Liber KKK (that’s Liber Kaos Keraunos Kybernetos, not Klu Klux Klan).

Written by Peter J. Carroll (of Liber Null & Psychonaut fame), a founding father of Chaos Magic, a magician dedicated to the Liber KKK will find that he is creating all of his own rituals - except perhaps the banishing - and integrating within everything he feels comfortable with.

It is ultimately up to them to hammer out their own path.

Carroll gives tasks, and the magician is to attempt them repeatedly until they feel comfortable with their results. I came up with the idea of running through the first part of the guide - there are five, as detailed below - with a few mates, including the delicious Soror Twist, and it grew from there.

The idea is for a group of us to finish the first rung of the course in three months, with myself (and maybe - maybe - Soror Twist) as a guide.

Upon completion, perhaps I will print off some certificates with NOW YOU ARE FINALLY READY TO DEFEAT VOLDEMORT scrawled upon them - perhaps I will not. It will be irrelevant. You will have spent a small portion of your life living as a crazy bastard magician, and the experience will be equal parts weird, exciting, difficult and rewarding.

If you need assistance, or wish to officially join up, please email me at or leave a comment here.

Liber KKK can be found in full at:


The official start is on November 11th.

Yes, this is exam time for many people.

Yes, this is half-way through Nanowrimo - an event I will be participating in.

Yes, this is really soon.

The reasons for this date are a little esoteric. Firstly, it is just after the pagan holiday of Beltane (in the Southern Hemisphere) - a time for new beginnings. Liber KKK, it is advised, should be begun on auspicious or important dates - and that certainly qualifies. Secondly, November is the eleventh month of the year, and we start on the eleventh because eleven, in Western numerology, is the number of magicians and achieving the impossible.

This year, the eleventh of the eleventh is on Wednesday - Woten’s Day - which belongs and is named after the Norse deity Odin, god of magic, poetry, and victory, among other things. We will be beginning in 2009, of course - 2 + 9 is the number 11 once again, and nine is the number before the Earthly Malkuth of Ten: one step above the mundane. Two is the number of dualities, very important in magic.

And so forth.

The course will take three months, and finish roughly on the twelfth of February 2010. This is actually a rather short time allocated for the first rung of KKK – most certainly not enough to cover it all fully. The magician is encouraged to return for a few months after to tie any loose strings, redeem any failures, and to continue exploring the first step.

Two weeks are allocated to each of the five tasks in the first rung, with two weeks left spare for holidays (like, perhaps, Christmas), exams, etc. We will all be doing the tasks at roughly the same time, however - I encourage everyone to keep pace with me.

Here are the rough, explicit dates (without the two weeks) for each of the tasks:

CONJURATION ONE - SORCERY EVOCATION - 11/11/2009 - 2/12/2009

So thirteen days after that until the finish date for tying up loose ends, typing the magical diary, whatever.


This seems like a lot - eleven things! - but most of aren’t compulsory. The list is worth keeping in mind, though.

(1) You will need the will, determination, endurance and creativity of a magician. Don’t come into this for a laugh, or thinking you will fail. Failure in the mind begets failure in the world. Come in willing to work, willing to learn, willing to become a better magician. I can’t force you to do the work, and I don’t care enough to force you anyway. If it’s attention you want, any magician worth their salt could easily forge a magical diary. But, to quote your favourite bastard mathematics teacher, this course is only for you. If you’re going to do it, fucking do it!

(2) You will need a copy of Liber KKK for reference. Here is that link again: If you have a copy of Liber Kaos, there’s a copy in the back of that. If you don’t, I suggest you print it out. Read it fully, even though the first part is the only one we’ll be using.

(3) You will need a solid banishing ritual. Preferably either the Gnostic Banishing Ritual - found at - or the decidedly more difficult, orthodox (and rewarding, perhaps) Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – found at Most magicians already have a banishing ritual under their belt. It is standard magical practice, and vitally important - banishing rituals are needed, in my opinion, before and after all magical acts. If you don’t know one already, pick up the Gnostic Pentagram Ritual and practice it daily before the 11th of November. Trust me - you’ll need it.

(4) You will need a Magical Diary. This is the item where on records their magical rituals, successes, thoughts, failures, ideas and other meanderings... vitally important for this course, as you’ll need to consult your past in order to notify your future. In addition, it is common practice among magicians, and for good reason - cultivating this oft-neglected habit is a very good idea. Write it in the medium you are comfortable. I prefer a personal, simple notebook - but it can be a Word document, a blog, whatever. Just have it well dated and make sure it’s thorough. We’ll share them around afterward and be envious of each others amazing results. It does not have to be written in code or the ancient language of the Angels, unless this helps.

(5) It is advised that you also invest in a Dream Diary. It should probably be something physical - a notebook - next to your bed, or under your pillow, where you can record the dreams of the night before. It is often important to the magical practice. Not as necessary as the Magical Diary, but you’ll want one. The Magical Diary can be the same notebook as the Dream Diary, but make sure both are clearly marked (different colour pens?) and that it is easily accessible once you’ve woken up. Dreams often disappear minutes after them occurring, much to the sorcerer’s disgust...

(6) As mentioned within Liber KKK itself, it is desirable that you have your own temple, your own personal space, for attempting the work. However, with Christmas, New Year’s Eve, a certain magician’s birthday and everything else…... this is highly unlikely. Thus, be flexible - the real trick is daily practice, regardless of where you are. Work in the world. Don’t give up because your privacy is cramped. Excuse yourself for a second... but don’t give up. Wasted days are, after all, wasted days.

(7) That said - you may want to erect an altar to a certain deity before the work begins, especially if your work is more pagan in nature. Do it now. If it assists your magic, do it now. Don’t wait until the start. Begin the preliminary work!

(8) Pick up a meditative practice of one variety or another. I suggest Buddhist zazen, or the work in Liber MMM (within Liber Null, found at ). Simply sit and try and still your thoughts. If you practice yoga, well... keep practicing it. Zazen is ridiculously easy - sit, staring at a blank wall, for ten to twenty minutes a day. That’s it. It’s hard, but it’ll help order your mind.

(9) You might want to do some occult shopping. Pick up some incense, candles, salt, chalk and whatever else you feel you might need. May I suggest spending a day wandering around searching for a magical dagger? Find something that resonates with you on a deep level, and remember not to haggle. A magical dagger’s invaluable in drawing pentagrams and all of that. You might want a chalice, or any number of things. Buy them or craft them now.

(10) Even though one of the magical tasks is to craft your own system of divination, I suggest buying a tarot deck or crafting a set of runes and start practicing with them now. Divination is the skill you’re cultivating, as well as the reading of signs. Not necessary, but very useful. Astrology isn’t worth it - not random enough, so it’s not real divination and more a magical art in itself.

(11) If you’re new to the magical thing, and haven’t already, add me to MSN messenger at, or grab my email at I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have, and give the best advice I can.


Liber KKK is split into five sections: Sorcery, Shamanic Magic, Ritual Magic, Astral Magic and High Magic. We will only be attempting the first rung - Sorcery. If this is a resounding success, maybe sometime next year we’ll attempt Shamanic... and the magician is encouraged, once he has completed Sorcery to his own immaculate satisfaction, to continue on.

It is important that some aspect of magic exists every day within your life - that you’ve recorded a dream, performed a banishing, or done something regarding the task. It is acceptable for the magician to write ‘No magical operation today,’ in his magical diary, but only rarely. Roughly two weeks ‘free time’ is given for this purpose. Even something small - such as meditation or a banishing - is acceptable. It’s about routine.

As said, we’ll only be doing Sorcery. According to Liber KKK, Sorcery:

"Is simple magic which depends on the occult connections which exist
between physical phenomena. Sorcery is a mechanical art which does not require the
theory that connection exist between the mind of the operator and the target.

Any effects arising from such a connection can, however, be regarded as an added bonus. Working on the sorcery level the magician creates artifacts, tools and instruments which interact magically with the physical world and which can be used again in more subtle ways on the other levels. The sorcery level work should be performed thoroughly, for simple as its practices seem they are the foundation on which the higher level work rests."

There we are.

Sorcery might be the most basic level of magic, but it is in no means simple. It requires creativity, patience, and a truly magical mindset to accomplish - as Carroll notes, the core skills of magic. It isn’t about the theory. Seriously, don’t worry about the theory. If you need it - you might - make it up. You can reevaluate your opinions later.

You’re looking for results. That’s it. Make stuff, get magic. That is the aim of Sorcery, and exactly what you’ll be wanting. Don’t cut corners. You’re making tools that should assist you all through your magical practice - they aren’t mere trinkets.

Liber KKK also states:

"It is no accident that sorcery techniques often resemble certain childhood behavior patterns. Children often have a natural familiarity with the simple principles of magic even if they lack the persistence or encouragement to make them work. The adult magician is seeking to regain that childlike sense of imagination, fluidity and wishful thinking, and turn it into something of real power."

Keep that in mind. A lot of this will seem like wishful thinking and childish nonsense... and that’s exactly what you want. Don’t worry about feeling silly. Ever see those self-pronounced High Priests of the Sacred Craft of the Goddess (or a similar creature)? Don’t they look fucking ridiculous in their ceremonial robes?

Sure, they might be wankers who know nothing about magic... but at least a small handful of these individuals are real, mighty witches in their own right. They don’t care what they look like, because they know the magic is there.

It’s really straightforward. You’re nurturing the magical mindset with these tasks, gathering the tools for your further practice. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding in the basest sense: you will end up owning magical art. You’ll have five distinct magical items that you’ve created yourself and can show off to your horrified Christian friends.

But let’s look at the tasks in detail. First up is CONJURATION ONE - SORCERY EVOCATION - which we will begin on the eleventh of November and finish, roughly, on second of December.

Liber KKK explains what it wants us to do in CONJURATION ONE:

"The magician creates with his own hands a physical representation of a fetish entity by carving, molding or assembly. Its functions are in general to attract success, to protect by repelling misfortune and to act as a reservoir of power for the magician. It is usually shaped to resemble some kind of actual living being or chimerical being whose form suggests its function. If it is vaguely humanoid in shape it is known as a Homunculus.

It may be made to contain parts of the magician's body or be anointed with blood or sexual fluids. The magician treats the fetish as a living being, speaking his will to it, commanding it to exert its influence in his favor and carrying it on his person when on critical errands. Some magicians
prefer to make two fetishes, one to implement will, the other to bring knowledge and

This is really straightforward. It is very important that you make the thing with your own hands, but the parts themselves don’t need to be crafted by the magician - you could create your fetish out of chicken wire, or blutac, or whatever you can find. You are an artist, here.

Give your spirit a name and a personality. Treat it as if it is actually a very real, very powerful manifestation of the creature. Treat it with respect. When you close your eyes, you should have a strong image of what your spirit looks like outside of the fetish. It is a good idea to anoint it with the fluids, as that creates a highly personal tie between the magician and the spirit.

If you have time, try and create two, but one may very well take up the full two weeks. Perhaps try linking sacred words to the being, or tie it to an existing mythology.

Any questions regarding this task - feel free to comment below, as usual. This applies for all the tasks.

CONJURATION TWO - SORCERY DIVINATION - which we shall attempt at roughly the third of December, finishing at the seventeenth of that month, shall be detailed now. According to Liber KKK:

"The magician prepares a simple model of the universe for use as a divinatory tool. A set of Rune Sticks or Rune Stones is most excellent for this purpose. Occidental geomancy sticks provide a somewhat simpler model whilst the systems of Tarot or I Ching can prove too complex for later work on the Shamanic levels unless abbreviated in some way.

The magician should perform divination both for general trends and for answer to specific questions. The element of the divinatory tool should be treated as having a fairly direct relationship to the parts of reality they represent and the procedures of sorting should be regarded as a mirror of the process by which reality takes its decisions. Divinatory activity should be pitched at a frequency and complexity which allows answers to be remembered. It is preferable to divine for phenomena which are likely to confirm or negate the divination within a relatively short time period."

The important things to keep in mind here is the random aspect of the divining tool and the complexity of said tool. It shouldn’t be so simple that only very limited amount of results can be conjured; it shouldn’t be as complex as the crazy Tarot. You should be able to read plenty of meaning from it, but not drown in symbols.

As noted, runes are perfect for this. I am considering designing a set of thirty or so simple cards for shuffling and divining. Keep it simple and efficient. Build your own divination methods.

You may want to assign a spirit to the divination tool, and anoint it with your fluids etc. This is a possibility, but isn’t necessary. It’s about results, here, and you already did the spirit act with CONJURATION ONE. If you feel compelled to, do it. An ‘awakening’ ritual might be suggested, though, for meshing the tools together.

On to CONJURATION THREE - SORCERY ENCHANTMENT - which’ll begin on the eighteenth of December and continue, roughly, to the first of January - Liber KKK continues:

"For the work of the third conjuration the magician may need to prepare or acquire a variety of instruments, but chief amongst these should be a single special tool or magical weapon, for enchantment. A small pointed wand or a knife are especially convenient. This special instrument or weapon can also be usefully employed to trace the pentagrams in the Gnostic Banishing Ritual.

A fist sized piece of modeling clay or other plastic material may be the only other instrument required. To perform Sorcery Enchantment the magician makes physical representations of his will and desire. Where possible the magical weapon should be used to help make or manipulate these representations. The magician should perform one or several conjuration’s of this type per week. As always he should aim to influence events before nature has made her mind up, and he should not put too great a strain on nature by conjuring for highly improbable events."

This is where that magical dagger comes in handy. There’s really not much else to it besides the fact that perhaps the magician should strive to do two or three of these a week. The manipulations themselves should be rather small, as noted.

If you don’t already have a magical knife or weapon, spend a week securing it and then spend two weeks manipulating the enchantment. Their use is really quite invaluable.

CONJURATION FOUR - SORCERY INVOCATION - beginning on the second of January and continuing to the sixteenth of that month:

"The aim of the fourth conjuration is to create radical changes in behavior by temporarily altering the environment. There is no limit to the variation of experience the magician may wish to arrange for himself.

He might, for example, after some careful background research, depart in disguise to some strange place and play out a completely new social role. Alternatively, he may wish to equip his temple and himself in such a way that he experiences being an ancient Egyptian god for a time. In Sorcery Invocation the magician tests to the limit his ability to create arbitrary change by modifying his environment and his behavior."

If you’re modifying the self in any ritualistic way, or invoking any deity, banishing rituals are a must. You should have been practicing it as often as possible, but - I cannot stress this enough - YOU NEED TO BANISH BEFORE AND AFTER THE RITUAL. When letting magical forces play with your psyche - more then they typically do - the changes can be terrifyingly powerful.

You’re not a perfect magician. Regardless of how much effort you put into getting the Invocation right, things will always slip through that you didn’t mean. This is magic. You need to exorcise the unwanted aspects before they cause any meaningful harm. Banish before and after an Invocation.

In addition, Invocation isn’t a one-off thing. It requires dedication and hard work to receive true results - it is, in effect, the filtering and evolution of your psyche. As Robert Anton Wilson points out, just as ‘repeat often’ is the mantra of advertising, and ‘reinforce often’ the key philosophy of psychiatry, thus Eliphas Levi’s ‘INVOKE OFTEN’ is central to magical practice.

The changes will seem slow at first, but they will come. Live a year as a penniless university student slash THOR, THE GOD OF THUNDER and you will start to find that the distinction between the two begins to change. Continue doing it, and doing it right, and the results will be obvious.

In addition, while ancient deities are fine, it is typical Chaos Magic to invoke all manner of creatures, from comic book characters to gods of your own devising. Don’t limit your creativity. Choose what best appeals to you. Want to be more like Edward from a certain best-selling series of vampire novels? Go ahead. Nothing’s stopping you except, perhaps, for what little dignity remains.

Learn everything you can about your chosen being. Whatever you do, regardless of your actual action, try to imagine what your invoked creature would do. Read everything you can about them. Figure out all the occult symbolism and correlations. Synchronicities will abound. Record them.

There’s a lot more to this - but much of the fun is figuring it yourself. Don’t hesitate to shoot me any of your questions, however.

Finally, onto CONJURATION FIVE - SORCERY ILLUMINATION - from the seventeenth to the thirty-first of January:

"In works of Illumination the magician aims for self improvement in some precisely defined and specific way. Grandiose plans for spiritual enlightenment should be abandoned in favor of identifying and overcoming the more obvious weaknesses and increasing existing strengths. For the work of Illumination the magician makes or acquires some object to represent his quest as a whole.

This objects is technically known as a "lamp" although it may take the form of anything from a ring to a mandala. The "lamp" is used as a basis over which to proclaim various oaths and resolutions. Such oaths and resolutions may also be marked onto the design of the lamp. The magician may need to perform various supplementary acts of invocation, enchantment, divination and even evocation to make progress with the work of illumination. It is not unusual for the magician to destroy and rebuild the lamp during the work of illumination."

This is the last task, and possibly the hardest. There’s nothing I can really say except that you will need to put your heart and soul into this conjuration - if you haven’t already, give this one everything you’ve got.

It will, as mentioned, likely involve invocation, enchantment, divination, evocation... every skill you’ve harnessed so far. Don’t feel glum if you don’t get amazing results in the two weeks given. It should take a few months at least.

So that’s essentially it. It’s advised, but not necessary, to do something magical every day, even if it just a divination reading or some meditation. You pass if you attempt each of the five tasks and glean some success (and if you’re doing it properly you will) - the only way you can fail is if you don’t throw in your all.

Good luck to everyone, and I wish you all the greatest success.


(A list of resources which will assist you throughout the task - check them out for yourself)


  1. Cool. Good to have this up. I'll be in and anyone who wants to contact me can do so via my blog or charlie [dot] twist [at] hotmail [dot] com

  1. Callum says:

    Well, I'd love too, but I don't think I can put in the determination neccessary to get it right. I may perform some of the things, but I won't be going the whole thing.

  1. sef says:

    Hi there,

    I am looking at running a Liber KKK working group over facebook (groan, yes) from Imbolc, and would like to quote your article here, not in full but certainly the list of required materials etc.

    Would that be alright, either in a referenced quotation or straight link to this blog post?

    My facebook is or let me know here, either is good. I'd also be quite interested in knowing how your first tier run went!

    In any event, a really concise and useful post, thank you.

    93s or whathaveyou,


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